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The Assembly Format

We plan our assemblies along the following lines:

  • A short introduction with puppets

  • A story, usually from a children’s version of the bible,

  • A follow up puppet sketch to illustrate and amplify the main teaching point of the story

  • A Christian song for the children to join in singing

  • A short reflection on the teaching point

  • A brief prayer in which the children are invited to participate

  • A song by the puppets, usually a parody of a pop song with Christian wording

The total duration of the assembly is approximately 20 minutes. Each assembly programme runs for a term and the current theme programme is shown in the sidebar of this site.

With sufficient advance notice we are, on occasion, able to prepare special assemblies or amend the format to suit an individual school's needs.  In order to do this we need a liaison contact within the school to clarify the school's requirements.

You can contact us via this website to start the process of booking an assembly.


See details of the training day held in April 2012.

Our school assembly themes for the school year 2014/2015

Autumn 2016


The Greedy FArmer.

(Luke 12)

Spring 2017

''Talking and Listening"

Samuel Hears a Voice.

(1 Samuel 3)

Summer 2017

''Being Thankful"

A Long Journey.

(Exodus 16 - 40)