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Children find puppets fascinating, and always enjoy seeing them take part in worship. Sometimes the puppets act out a bible story, do a drama to illustrate the service theme, interact with the preacher, perform a song, or even occasionally give a short sermon (with permission of course).

We always ensure that whatever the puppets do in a service supports the theme or teaching point, or presents it in a slightly different way.  Any script is cleared with the person leading the service or preaching to ensure that it fits with what they plan to say.  If we are performing a  song, this is chosen so that the words are appropriate. (We use parody pop songs which are well known tunes with new wording along a Christian theme.)

We have a whole range of puppets, both animal and human, and even a few 'aliens', so we are able to develop a wide range of presentations within a worship context.



See details of the training day held in April 2012.

Our school assembly themes for the school year 2014/2015

Autumn 2016


The Greedy FArmer.

(Luke 12)

Spring 2017

''Talking and Listening"

Samuel Hears a Voice.

(1 Samuel 3)

Summer 2017

''Being Thankful"

A Long Journey.

(Exodus 16 - 40)