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Our Principles

In our school collective worship programme:

  • We will work sympathetically and constructively with the staff of any school we visit

  • All our material will be selected, produced and delivered in a manner which is sensitive to the rights and needs of all the children

  • All members of a HOW team visiting any school will have a valid CRB check

  • All equipment we use will be properly safety checked

  • We will always respect other faiths and beliefs


See details of the training day held in April 2012.

Our school assembly themes for the school year 2014/2015

Autumn 2016


The Greedy FArmer.

(Luke 12)

Spring 2017

''Talking and Listening"

Samuel Hears a Voice.

(1 Samuel 3)

Summer 2017

''Being Thankful"

A Long Journey.

(Exodus 16 - 40)