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Holiday Clubs

Puppets at a holiday clubHoliday clubs are a great opportunity for children during school holidays to get together, have fun, let off some steam and learn about Jesus.

Our puppets regularly take part in the holiday clubs run jointly by St Nicholas' and St. Paul's churches each school holiday (excluding half term breaks).  They bring music and drama into the event, even having a chat with one or other of the (sometimes oddly dressed) adults leading the club.  They are always a popular part of the event.

We occasionally put on simple shows for the pre-school children using our smaller animal puppets to present a song.

We are happy to help with other holiday clubs on request, so please contact us to see if we can assist.


See details of the training day held in April 2012.

Our school assembly themes for the school year 2014/2015

Autumn 2016


The Greedy FArmer.

(Luke 12)

Spring 2017

''Talking and Listening"

Samuel Hears a Voice.

(1 Samuel 3)

Summer 2017

''Being Thankful"

A Long Journey.

(Exodus 16 - 40)